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When diets are based on deprivation, guilt and punishment we start craving what we're not allowed to have. Usually, when we go off that diet, we start binging.

What do you learn by going on a diet? You'll learn what foods it believes in, but...
Do you learn why you're eating certain foods?
Do you learn to trust yourself?
Do you enjoy life on a diet?

Diets do not work in the long-run.
Understanding your body's needs, however, does work.
So does developing a lifestyle plan and practicing it.

There's no one perfect way of eating that works for everyone.

At Stand UPP Health, we understand all clients have unique needs and goals, and require different nutritional programs and coaching approaches. By fostering a culture of accountability and one-on-one support, we work to educate, inspire and motivate clients to make healthy decisions that evolve into lasting habits. Therefore, every plan is customized around a client's:

This individualized strategy helps ALL types of clients make lasting, enjoyable and desired changes.

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